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Earn your seminary degree completely online at the Piedmont Divinity School at Carolina University. As you study, you will develop into a qualified and competent leader who has a passion for understanding Scripture and will be highly trained for effective ministry.

If you desire to pastor a dynamic church, teach in a reputable seminary or Bible college, conduct research, or even become a marriage counselor or a military chaplain, the Piedmont Divinity School has a place for you!

For over 70 years, the mission has never changed. You can take advantage of the excellence in advanced Bible teaching with our MA in Biblical Studies and effective ministry training with our MDiv program while enjoying incredible value and ultimate flexibility. If you are a pastor, professor, chaplain, para-church leader, or desire a more influential ministry role, then you know that advanced training could make all the difference and truly enhance your life and ministry.

Enrolling at Carolina University means joining a global family of pastors, university presidents, missionaries, ministry leaders, authors, chaplains, educators, and national and international leaders who call Carolina University their Alma Mater.

You won’t have to choose between a university with a rich heritage and one with a strong reputation for cutting edge innovation. You won’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. You won’t have to make a choice between knowledge and application. You will study while you work, earn a fully accredited degree, and advance your ministry training.

If you are thinking of pursuing an MDiv, an MA in Biblical Studies, or an MA in Ministry, please contact the Piedmont Divinity School at admissions@carolinau.edu today to schedule a time to talk with one of our advisors.

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Piedmont Divinity School History

Our Legacy

Piedmont Divinity School (originally Piedmont Bible Institute) exists to equip men and women to serve Christ in a variety of ministries. Since its inception in 1945, this purpose has been founded on the primacy of teaching the truths of the inerrant Word of God.

Throughout the school’s history, God has been pleased to use numerous individuals to carry out this purpose. One such individual is Hoyle Bowman. Dr. Bowman was a graduate of Piedmont, and went on to earn his Master of Theology degree at Dallas Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Theology degree at Grace Theological Seminary. In addition to his service as a Marine, pastor, and conference speaker, he taught Bible and theology at Piedmont for over 50 years. His faithful teaching of the Scriptures epitomized the mission of Piedmont and, for a number of years, this emphasis on theology and Bible was made evident in the naming of a school in his honor: The Bowman School of Bible and Theology.

God has also been faithful in using various individuals to financially support Piedmont in its ongoing work. Integral in this regard have been Tony and Chris Alford. The Alfords are successful business entrepreneurs. As they have conducted their business endeavors, they have committed themselves to serve God and make each day count for his glory with a view to eternity. This motivation has compelled them to be active in missions, serve on ministry boards, and make profound financial contributions to fund the proclamation of the Gospel. Their generous contributions toward innovation and broader influence have enabled Piedmont to continue in the direction of training men and women to serve Christ. And in their honor, the Alford School of Ministry served as an important part of our legacy.

In recent years, Temple Baptist Seminary has served as the name in which our theological programs were provided. This naming occurred with the merging of Tennessee Temple and Piedmont International University (now known as Carolina University), and honored the long tradition of theological education provided for thousands of students at Tennessee Temple and Piedmont. As Carolina University has grown and expanded its worldwide footprint, the theological emphasis and legacy is now carried under the name of Piedmont Divinity School (or PDS) which represents the best of our legacy institutions and programs.

The Present

Piedmont Divinity School continues to hold and cherish the truths of the Christian faith on which the school was founded. Piedmont is intentionally evangelical as it encourages students to rightly handle the Scripture and pursue Christian scholarship so that they might be equipped to serve Christ in various contexts around the world and bring glory to him. To this end, we offer programs rich in hermeneutics, Bible, Hebrew and Greek, theology, and ministry.